Bathroom Paint Colors

When looking around any home, the bathroom can often make the biggest impact of any room. A beautifully maintained and designed bathroom can be a real selling point and will elevate an entire home – making it feel more modern and better cared for.

At the same time though, an out-of-date or poorly looked-after bathroom will stand out like a sore thumb! Bathroom paint colors tend to date a lot, and you’ll likely know this to be true if you have ever seen a bathroom with overly busy flower-patterns on the walls, ugly curtains, or a green bath!

Bathroom Paint Colors That Won’t Go Out Of Style

When it comes to painting your bathroom, how do you choose a color that will not only look fantastic now but also ten years from now when you come to sell?

Let’s take a look at your options.

No Paint!

One option is to forego using paint at all. In fact, some of the most modern-looking bathrooms are those that use natural stone or that use concrete staining in order to mimic natural stone.

Marble and granite bathrooms can be stunning to look at and have a fascinating rich color and textured marbled look. This is perfect for hiding any stains, blemishes, or mold. Dark stone or very light stone also makes for a visually striking statement that is minimal while also allowing your fittings to leap out.

The best part about this is that stone tiles in this style won’t go out of fashion – not if you choose large tiles with no grout in between (and minimize borders, waterfalls, and highlights which look great but have potential to age). Natural materials very rarely date and the reason for that is that they are natural. Nature NEVER goes out of style. In fact, all of our fashions and styles are inspired by colors that are found naturally in nature!

Quick Bathroom Paint Colors

That said, if you want to apply a coat of paint to bring your bathroom up to speed and you’re wondering what will have the best long-term effect, the following choices offer a great place to start.


Taupe is a beautiful color that comes in many shades that are a great choice for your bathroom. This works really well when combined with linen and is very flexible with other elements. This color is flexible and neutral without meaning boring, and if you replace your bath and shower in the future, it will adapt to the new look seamlessly!


Grey is another fantastic option. This is extremely trendy right now but also has a timeless appeal for the same reason that marble and granite do. Gray is the color of the stone and thus it works perfectly when designing a minimal and natural-looking bathroom color scheme. And isn’t a stylish color that also happens to futureproof the perfect option for any remodel?


Blue-gray has a very aquatic feel for obvious reasons and it works perfectly in many bathrooms. The tip here is not to go too saturated – a little goes a long way. Think subtle and try to give it the feeling of a slightly overcast sky. This is a great color for freshening up a bathroom that also helps to make it feel lighter and more spacious.


White is another option that is trendy but also timeless. Minimalism is extremely big throughout interior design right now, and it doesn’t get much more “minimal” than plain white! Not only that but choosing white means that you are making a bold statement by not making any bold statement!

The only potential downside here is that white is very hard to maintain. Small amounts of mold can show up easily, and so can watermarks. You need to commit to the white if you’re going that way.


Another option, therefore, is to choose parchment. This is a slightly warmer “buttery” white that will be easier to maintain and that can have just as mellow an impact on the space as a whole.

There are many more colors to choose from that will have a lasting appeal in your bathroom. The key is to draw on natural influences while avoiding anything that is too much of a statement. Even if it looks amazing right now, stick to the “less is more” mantra and you will be safe!

Superb Painting Omaha, NE

At Superb Painting, LLC we start by sanding & vacuuming the trim, crown, or cabinets using a trim brush attachment for our shop vac.  Cabinets may require more work removing hardware and laying them flat to spray so that you don’t get any paint runs.  We then use a tack cloth to further remove any sanding residue. Next, if the wood was previously stained, we apply an oil-based primer to help keep the stain from bleeding back through the paint.  After that, we do a light sanding/scuffing of the primer to make sure the first coat of paint gets good adherence to it.

Then we spray (or could brush) the first coat of trim paint such as Sherwin Williams Pro Classic.  After that, there is another light sanding/scuffing of the 1st layer of paint and then the final finish coat is sprayed (or brushed) on for a beautiful finish that lasts!   Contact us today for a FREE Estimate.

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