Bathroom Remodel or Paint

The bathroom is the one place in the house that gets the most traffic but is the last area to get an upgrade. If you are considering changing the look of your bathroom, you may be wondering if you should paint the walls or splurge on a total remodel. Both bathroom remodel or paint options are good. The decision depends on how old your bathroom is and what look you are going for.

Bathroom Remodel or Paint

Of course, your budget also plays a role in what home improvement projects you decide to take on. We have put together a few tips for all budgets and bank accounts to help you chose which upgrade option is best for your bathroom.

Layout Changes

If you are pleased with the current arrangement of your bathroom and none of your fixtures are broken, then chances are you can get away with a layer of paint and a few cosmetic changes. It will cost anywhere between $1,000 and $5000 to paint your bathroom, add modern hardware, and upgrade a few light fixtures.

If your bathroom is outdated or if you want to change the look, then a total remodeling project is in order. Depending on how extreme your changes will be, the cost can range from $15,000 to $28,000 for a complete overhaul. This means tearing out all the guts and replacing the plumbing, fixtures, and even changing the window placement.

Painting Tips

For those who have chosen option one, simply to upgrade paint in the bathroom, we have a few tips. These suggestions are also effective for a complete overhaul of your bathroom. However, painting tends to be the last step. Pay special attention to the type of finish you choose. The right finish can bring your look together while a poorly chosen finish can give your bathroom an outdated appearance.

In the past, satin and glossy were the only two options for bathrooms. Mainly to help the walls repel moisture and protect against constant humidity. In modern times, most brands have since created special formulas that can be used in wet rooms and bathrooms without falling victim to moisture and mold. These specialty paints come in matte finishes and have anti-microbial additives that keep mildew at bay. Granted, they cost a bit more than your basic latex-acrylic paint, but they are much cheaper than completing a full bathroom overhaul.

Sink Fixtures

The most visible part of your bathrooms is your tub and sink faucets. If you are planning to overhaul your entire bathroom or if you just want to add in some minor upgrades with your paint, this is the best place to start. Choose an attractive sink faucet and make sure that it also matches the other fixtures in your bathroom. That means that your toilet lever, shower faucet, towel bars, and other details should all have the same or at least similar shape and finish. This will make sure the look of your bathroom is all tied together without you having to invest a lot of time or money in a complete renovation. Even if you do renovate your entire bathroom, it is important that all of these areas offer a cohesive design.

Upgrade Your Storage and Counters

When you want to upgrade your bathroom, a great place to make dramatic changes is the counters and bathroom vanities. Increase the amount of storage in your bathroom will make the space more useable in addition to improving the overall aesthetic. If you are working with a small bathroom, consider using a pedestal sink with overhead cabinets. If you have more room, consider moving your shelving to side walls and expanding your counters to encompass a full wall. This will give your bathroom an ultra-modern yet luxurious look that is worthy of Instagram.

Pay Attention To Lighting

Lighting has a lot to do with how well a room looks regardless of its size or age. A poorly lit room or bathroom in a new house and a well it room in an old house will be on equal footing. Choose lights that fit the space, and that banishes shadows. For an easy upgrade to match a new paint job, choose soft lighting that hangs over the sink. Consider boosting natural light sources and adding mirrors to make your bathroom look bigger as well. Even in a total bathroom renovation, it is important to pay attention to light placement. There is nothing worse than spending a fortune on upgrades only to have a space that looks dark and dingy.

Superb Painting Omaha, NE

At Superb Painting, LLC we start by sanding & vacuuming the trim, crown, or cabinets using a trim brush attachment for our shop vac.  Cabinets may require more work removing hardware and laying them flat to spray so that you don’t get any paint runs.  We then use a tack cloth to further remove any sanding residue. Next, if the wood was previously stained, we apply an oil-based primer to help keep the stain from bleeding back through the paint.  After that, we do a light sanding/scuffing of the primer to make sure the first coat of paint gets good adherence to it.

Then we spray (or could brush) the first coat of trim paint such as Sherwin Williams Pro Classic.  After that, there is another light sanding/scuffing of the 1st layer of paint and then the final finish coat is sprayed (or brushed) on for a beautiful finish that lasts!   Contact us today for a FREE Estimate.

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