Best Paint Sheen for Different Parts of Your House

There are a couple of essential things that any new homeowner has to decide about in order for the home to feel like theirs. These are usually small changes and small things. Changes might include curtains or flooring – but it might also include more drastic changes, like deciding to knock out a wall or install a new water feature or swimming pool.

One of the most important elements of your house could also include one that is very often missed. In terms of painting your home, what is the best paint sheen for different parts of your house?

What is the Best Paint Sheen for Different Parts of Your House?

When making a house truly feel like yours, the type of paint has a lot to do with it. After all, it’s the paint sheen type that influences how the light is absorbed or reflected by the wall. This is one of the biggest parts of the atmosphere of a house or home. Here’s more information about paint sheen – and how to choose the right type for different parts of the house.

Choose the Color First

Choosing the right colors of paint is one of the first and most essential things. Contrary to what most people would do when approaching house painting for the first time, there’s no need to choose the same color or shade for every part of the house. A great effect can be achieved by choosing a different color and sheen for every different room.

Color choosing can be alien to many people. Should you be having trouble with this (or be unable to choose the right complementary colors for your home), it might be time to consult a classic Color Wheel. Classic color wheels can show you which shades go well with the other. Additionally, there are many apps that can be used to sample colors that you like through a photo.

Consider the Lighting

Always consider the lighting of a room before making your final choice of color, shade, and sheen for the painting job ahead. Remember that certain colors fit well with lit rooms that have a lot of access to light. Also, remember that dimmer rooms can benefit from lighter colors.

Changes of lighting in a room can also mean that the room itself – and the shade you expected – react differently to the light. Thus, it’s always best to paint a tester with the paint and sheen that you intend to use for the entire room. From there, adjust the lighting so that you can see exactly what the sheen combined with the color will do in different settings.

Many first-time painters forget the use of a sampler. They later find that they are disappointed with the results of painting the room: A sampler would have avoided this later disappointment.

See a Virtual View

There’s no reason to feel directionless when painting your space for the first time. Many apps and software solutions allow you to see a virtual view before applying a brush to a wall. This can also help you to decide if you have chosen the right sheen or shade for the effect that you are hoping for.

Some virtual painting software solutions go the extra mile and also allow you to alter the lighting in the room. This allows you to see how the paint might look in a different light. If this isn’t obvious yet, yes, this is pretty important!

Sheen: It’s Not Just a Movie Star

Color is important, but it can be said that sheen is just as important as the color that you choose for your walls: Sheen says how light reacts. For rooms that need a darker, more homely feel, you want one that absorbs the light more than reflects it.

For rooms that require more light – the choice of which being up to the homeowner – the best choice is sheen that reflects light instead. Choosing the right sheen is also something that might benefit from seeking out expert advice.

Playing with Light

Start off by taking photographs of the room you want to paint. Make sure to do so at different parts of the day. Make sure that you clearly mark which time of the day these photographs were taken. These photographs are what tells you how the room will react to the paint naturally. They will also show how the room is reacting to light right now.

These photographs can help you to choose the sheen that would be best. The photographs will show you exactly what to do with the room itself and whether it needs more artificial lighting to turn it into a great homely room.

Superb Painting Omaha, NE

At Superb Painting, LLC we start by sanding & vacuuming the trim, crown or cabinets using a trim brush attachment for our shop vac.  Cabinets may require more work removing hardware and laying them flat to spray so that you don’t get any paint runs.  We then use a tack cloth to further remove any sanding residue. Next, if the wood was previously stained, we apply an oil-based primer to help keep the stain from bleeding back through the paint.  After that, we do a light sanding/scuffing of the primer to make sure the first coat of paint gets good adherence to it.

Then we spray (or could brush) the first coat of trim paint such as Sherwin Williams Pro Classic.  After that, there is another light sanding/scuffing of the 1st layer of paint and then the final finish coat is sprayed (or brushed) on for a beautiful finish that lasts!   Contact us today for a FREE Estimate.

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