Why Is My Building Paint Peeling?

There’s nothing that makes your commercial property look tatty more than paint peeling. Peeling paint is not a new issue for business owners and landlords, and if you want to attract or retain tenants, your property needs to be looking its best all-year-round. So, what causes paintwork to peel?

What is Making Paint Peeling on the Interior of My Commercial Property?

Here are four common reasons why the paint is peeling from the walls or roof of your commercial property.

Calcimine Paint

Many contractors choose to paint commercial buildings with a brand of paint known as “Calcimine.” Calcimine is cheap, and it offers excellent coverage, making it the ideal choice for commercial properties that are trying to keep construction and maintenance costs low.

However, the only paint that sticks to calcimine is calcimine. Any other paint applied to a surface already painted with calcimine won’t stick. As a result, the paint starts to peel.

Painting on Wet Surfaces

Trying to paint on wet surfaces is a bad idea. If your commercial property suffered water damage in the rainy season, you might be dealing with the issue of rising damp. You’ll need to ensure the waterproofing around the walls offers an excellent seal to avoid rising damp lifting your new paintwork. Never paint without addressing the waterproofing issue, as the paint will lift again after it dries.

If you’re painting wet plasterboard, it will likely dissolve into dust when it dries. Always ensure that you’re painting a dry surface.

Thick Paint

Sometimes the culprit of a lousy paint job is either the quality of the paint or the painter. If the painter lays the paint on too thick, it results in gravity pulling the material down towards the floor, reducing the bond between the paint and the wall. Over time, the bond fails, and the paint starts to lift and peel. This problem is especially bad on ceilings.

Using the Wrong Contractor

If you hire a contractor to paint your commercial property, make sure they come with references. Contractors can be a nightmare to deal with after they finish the job. Make sure that you use a reputable contractor or painting service, and ask the management what kind of paint they use.

Choosing a cheap painting service might save you a few hundred dollars on the job. However, the chances are that the service uses cheap paint, and unskilled labor to do the job. As a result, your paintwork starts peeling before it should, costing you more money in a repaint.

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